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W.A.S.C.O.–World All Style Combat Organization since it was founded back in 1983, adheres to competition regulations and objectives which are totally different from those used by any other martial arts organisation.

The name of the activity run by W.A.S.C.O. all over the world is “TOUCHSPARRING”. The name itself denotes without ambiguity the type of sport we have been practising since 1983 and underlines our uniqueness.

It can be seen from our name that «TOUCH» is quite different from hit or strike and «SPARRING» is either fighting or training. These two simple but fundamental terms explain the way we envisage and practise our sport and also how we are different from all other activities.

The pivotal strength of our organisation lies in its educational objectives. It is mainly aimed at new generations, children and adolescents. These categories do not figure strongly in the programmes of other sports fighting disciplines whose competitions are dedicated to adult categories. The principle which, from the birth of our organisation has inspired us, which has been and will continue to be our main objective, is to allow young people to come into the sport of combat through an organisation which builds its programmes, its structure and its fighting competitions around the very needs of these young people. 

For this reason we have been carefully studying the problems of working with this category of athlete for 26 years while following the theories of the best pedagogues, psychologists and doctors as well as those of sports teachers specialised in teaching children and adolescents. Consequently, we have devised a set of competition rules and a teaching system and programme which are different from those used by any other organisation in the world. Our system is truly based on educational values rooted in the concept of self-control and we can prove that we never have accidents during our competitions and that we do not create violent monsters. Our main principles remain the same since 1983 when W.A.S.C.O. was established: self-control, fair play, nonaggression, friendship and respect to any opponent. We have many excellent sportsmen, qualified umpires, experienced trainers and a lot of funs all over the world.

W.A.S.C.O. has no elements in common with other sports fighting organisations apart from the fact that it makes use of techniques which are fundamentally those which have changed little in over 2000 years and are used in all martial arts disciplines, as well as those found in boxing.

We realize that children are the future of the Sport. We realize that the young people are the future of our world. Exactly the children tomorrow will come into Olympic Sports and care about our Planet.

Understanding this, we have the special programs and the system of education for the children and teenagers. We pay special attention to teach them of fundamental principles of the pure sport with friendship and respect.

Sport makes peace and health, and we do all our best to promote this.


W.A.S.C.O. President - Prof. Gianni Sarritzu,
Grand Master,  IX Degree Black Belt

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