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It was 1973 when the idea that the myriad of different systems of fight without weapon, the martial arts fighters can compete together comes to concretize.
In 1974 in the USA the first experiment of such competitions was happened, and it was successful.
Since that time this modern discipline of fighting without weapon based on the self-control it the competitions, used the different names, such as “Contact Karate”, “American Boxing”, etc., has incessantly continued its march through the planet. The name that defines this sporting discipline today is TOUCHSPARRING - fighting sport based on self-control.

      The WORLD ALL STYLE COMBAT ORGANIZATION—W.A.S.C.O. was formally founded on 15 November 1983 in Nice (France) at the Statutory Congress Meeting.
On the 26th of July 2003 in Ajaccio (France) on the W.A.S.C.O. Congress Meeting Professor Gianni Sarritzu became the W.A.S.C.O. President.
The W.A.S.C.O. aim from the very beginning is to bring the peace and harmony between the people all over the world through the studying and competitions of this modern fighting sport based on self-control. W.A.S.C.O. is the educational system in physical and mental sense.
We say many thanks to the people who have never stopped to believe in the idea of W.A.S.C.O. Today we continue our mutual work with new great strength that comes from awareness of ability to give the definite message to all Masters, Instructors and students around the world.

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