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President letter - 2015, June

Dear friends,

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have taken part at 9th TOUCHSPARRING World Championship celebrated in Lignano Sabbiadoro 28-31 May 2015.

Both the sports complex and its surrounding location were fantastic. Our Corporation For The Promotion Of Sport (C.S.E.N.) was ever present, represented by its national vice president, Dr Giuliano Clinori, who was as anxious as we all were to get the competition under way. During the opening ceremony, which saw children from 33 different countries joyously carrying their national flags, Dr Vico Meroi, representing the local authorities, expressed his immense satisfaction at our having chosen Lignano Sabbiadoro to host our 9th TOUCHSPARRING World Championship.

Also this year, there were no accidents among the participants thanks to our specific refereeing system and the professionalism of the competition judges. We can proudly say that since WASCO   decided to adopt TOUCHSPARRING as the only style permissible in its competitions there have been no accidents at all. Since 2007 there have been 9 world championships. Thousands upon thousands of children, men, women, teenagers, veterans (over 36) and Golden (over 50s) have competed and whether they won or whether they came 34th, not one of them has been injured in any way. THIS IS NOT A MIRACLE. It is simply the result of a sport based upon very specific, unarmed-combat fighting techniques.

I spent 40 years of my life in search of a system such as this, and have had no time to do anything else.

In TOUCHSPARRING the word touch, translated into any language, maintains its original and essential meaning. There is a huge difference between touching and striking.

Lately, I have been pleased to see that some kickboxing and martial art federations are copying our system of showing yellow and red cards to indicate foul play. As everyone knows, we were the first to introduce this use during the 2007 world championship and have been using it ever since. In other competitions, such as those held by other federations this card system merely helps to make it clearer that the referee has cautioned a participant. It does not, however, reduce the number of accidents per competition. The secret lies in the uniqueness of our system: TOUCHSPARRING is not a martial art, and has even less in common with other combat organizations.


Next year we shall celebrate our tenth TOUCHSPARRING World Championship and with your help it will undoubtedly be bigger and better than ever. As soon as possible, we will give the location and the dates of



Best regards

Professor Gianni Sarritzu
W.A.S.C.O. President

2015, June

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